Guide to Hiring A Custom Home Builder

One of the largest investments that most people make in their lifetime is building a new home. It is therefore crucial to get it right the first time. Selecting a professional custom home builder for yourself and the project is mandatory for its success. Most likely, you will be working together with your home builder for 6-12 months. Therefore, this relationship needs to be clear, honest, and trustworthy.

What is the role of a custom home builder?

A reliable home builder becomes an advocate of the property owner as well as a collaborative and integral part of the design team. This homebuilder works hand in hand with the homeowner to establish a realistic and fair budget for the project and monitor spending as well as the scope of the project throughout the project term to successfully build affordable custom homes.

How do I find an excellent and affordable custom home builder?

If you have already hired a designer, they are a great resource for your research. This is because they have existing relationships with custom home builders and possess firsthand experience regarding their communication skills, construction quality as well as business practices. Other resources may include:

Local Lenders

They provide valuable information into builders as well as their history in terms of proper project handling and timely completion.


To build affordable custom homes, you need experienced reputable realtors in the local custom home industry to serve as a source of home builder referrals.


Internet searches help identify custom builders in your location and their websites which is beneficial in giving you an overview of the quality and style of projects they are accustomed to building.

Family, friends and acquaintances

Also an excellent source of information regarding custom home builders in your region.

Custom Home Builder Responsibilities:

The custom home builder manages subcontractors during the project design process so that the design team can easily coordinate major building systems into the design of the property. In this case, the builder is responsible for ensuring that subcontractors execute their work as specified in the building code and the designer’s plan specifications in order to come up with an affordable custom home.

The custom builder is charged with the responsibility to contract with the property owner regarding the construction price, expense tracking, submit pay requests to the owner and bank for approval, collect money for owner-approved change orders, prepare work estimates, and provide lien release waivers for successfully completed work.

Once the designer obtains or files for the building permit, the custom builder links the building inspectors, design team, and governing jurisdictions.

The custom builder is responsible for obtaining and managing all approvals, certificates of occupancy, and inspections.

The builder orders, checks, and accepts all building material and components prior to installation.

Once the project is complete, the project designer reviews for any discrepancies. If any issues arise, the custom home builder works with subcontractors to resolve said issues. Once complete, the relevant city inspects the property and awards certificates of occupancy after which the custom builders deliver the affordable custom home they built to the property owners.

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