Reliable Building Services to New Luxury Homes


BYK Construction, a trusted Skagit Valley Home Builder, offers custom building services that are committed to streamlining the entire process of building new luxury homes for our clients. Our objective is to deliver your completed project within the specified budget and time schedule. As an established company BYK Construction Inc., offers Skagit Valley home builder clients a customized service according to style preferences, special requirements, and location.

The home you want

You will meet our new luxury home builder development consultants during the first meeting. Obviously you, as our client and owner of the new property, are the driving force behind all major decisions that will be made at every phase of the project based on the type, design, size and finishes of the property. BYK Construction Inc., with the consultation of Skagit Valley Home Builders begins the design process with acquiring an understanding of the exact necessities and requirements of your new luxury home. This information enables us to start designing a unique home plan that incorporates all these requirements while reflecting your personal preferences in terms of design layout. BYK Construction Inc. and Skagit Valley Home Builder then collaborate to create a preliminary draft layout that will be reviewed and amended until the client’s perfect home requirements are met.

The way you want it

As a new luxury home builder, we proceed to carry out regular meetings both on and off site to make sure everything is in line with the client specifications. It is our duty to liaise with you on a regular basis and during every project phase to make sure nothing is overlooked and that any client concerns are addressed amicably and promptly. This helps us guarantee that every home is completed to the specific high standards and specific requirements that you demand and deserve.

On time

BYK Construction Inc. along with Skagit Valley Home Builder have trusted and proven construction artisans and professionals who are able to minimize construction time and deliver the clients desired standards. Our in-depth experience and strong ties with our clients helps us to safely incorporate multiple professionals on site while working together to complete the project as intended, also reducing costly rental times of worksite scaffolding and other expensive equipment. BYK Construction Inc. consulting with Skagit Valley Home Builders has experience in handling the planning and local building codes process which cuts down the unnecessary lag time while taking the pain out of the sometimes hectic processes.

Within the budget

Our methodology allows high specification and stylish homes to be constructed efficiently and professionally. Reduced time and costs are directly passed to you, the client. This is the reason why most new luxury home builder clients choose us to handle their projects. Moreover, it implies that we are able to receive the highest levels of skill and expertise from our artisans because they know they are part of a very organized team that is committed to delivery of excellent service in the specified areas.

To create better homes and happier clients

Word of mouth is our most successful form of advertising. It makes sense that we would provide results to our clients in the form of new luxury homes as promised. The end product is our form of advertisement to both existing and future clients.

Contact us today to learn why many Skagit Valley homeowners choose BYK to build their dream home.